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INDEXI - "INDEKSI" (cassette, 1972)

This rare, never-reissued cassette was Indexi's first full-lenght release. It wasn't a proper album, but more of an anthology of unreleased songs recorded from 1969 to 1972. 

This garagey proto-progressive style was already surpassed by the time of its release, but the songs were still powerful, dynamic, and perfectly crafted. 
In fact, some of them are so amazing that I prefer this record to the symphonic prog classic "Modra rijeka" (1978), which is usually considered Indexi's masterpiece.

The delay between some of the recording sessions and the cassette release must be taken in account too. The epic suite "Negdje na kraju, u zatišju" may have been dated in 1972, but it surely wasn't in 1969, when progressive rock was at the beginning.

Sadly, the cassette didn't sell well, and these songs remained an underground affair, despite Indexi being the most popular band from Bosnia at the time.

1. "Dan kao ovaj" (1970)
(Fadil Redžić/Boriša Falatar)
2. "Hej ti" (1972)
(Ljupčo Konstantinov/Maja Perfiljeva)
3. "Da li postoji ljubav" (1971)
(Milan Đajić/Nikola Borota) 
4. "Najljepše stvari" (1969)
(Slobodan Kovačević/Nikola Borota)
5. "Ja odlazim sutra" (1971)
(Slobodan Kovačević/Nikola Borota)
6. "Negdje na kraju, u zatišju" (1969)
(Slobodan Kovačević/Želimir Altarac)
7. "Galijom sna" (1969)
(Fadil Redžić)

Indexi were:
Davorin Popović - vocals (all tracks)
Slobodan Kovačević - guitar (all tracks)
Fadil Redžić - bass (all tracks)
Miroslav Šaranović - drums (all tracks)
Ismet "Nuno" Arnautalić - guitar (tracks 4, 6, 7)
Ranko Rihtman - keyboards (tracks 1, 3, 6, 7)
Enco Lesić - keyboards (track 2)
Đorđe Novković - keyboards (track 4)
(Keyboard player on track 5 is uncertain. Probably Rihtman or Lesić)

Please note - I uploaded some tracks in two versions: one straight from the old cassette and one from the digital remastersUnfortunately, tracks 3, 4, and 7 have never been remastered.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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