mercoledì 10 gennaio 2018


Jaromír Nohavica is the greatest and most popular Czech singer-songwriter. 

He was born in Ostrava in 1953 and has occasionally written lyrics for other artists while having his own day job. Only at the start of the Eighties he began to sing his own songs.
As his ambition grew, his work got more and more political, which prompted the authorities to ban him from performing and recording. He was able to release his first album only in 1988, when the Soviet system was collapsing. He was already 35 years old. 

The enormous popularity in his home country has important echoes in Slovakia and Poland as well, where he may not be a star, but can surely claim cult status. 

I am introducing him on this blog with this brand new album, which he released last November. Since most of his old music is message-centered, I think "Poruba" is better suited as a gateway to his world rather than a simple voice-and-guitar album. 
In fact, the tracklist proves Nohavica's curious spirit, with tense piano ballads ("Empire State"), grotesque doggerels with accordion ("Černá jáma"), and even hip hop experiments (the title track). There are not many singers out there that can claim such a fresh album at the age of 64.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. Hi,I have little request :) could You find mp3 in 320kb
    with this albums?

    NTK - Szary Album (or other )
    Kanał Audytywny - Płyta Skirtotymiczna
    Ustinstrumentalix - ćw.1 Peregrynacja
    Astek - Akustyka Ust Asteka
    Kot Karter – Z pamiętnika Alzheimera
    Lu - Night Moves
    Praktik - Dobra Czestotliwość
    Siny - W Siną Dal
    Syny - Orient
    NPoT - Instrumentalny Seks

    1. I will try. You can write me a private message if you want.

  2. Ten blog jest bardzo ładny. Szkoda że dopiero dziś na jego wszedłem bo jakbym wszedł wcześniej to było by lepiej.