sabato 12 novembre 2016


Damir Imamović - vocals, tambur
Ivana Đurić - violin
Nenad Kovačić - percussion
Ivan Mihajlović - electric bass 

Damir Imamović is a Bosnian folk singer and part of the sevdalinka current. Sevdalinka is considered by some the Balkan equivalent of blues, which is obviously a simplification, given the complexity and diversity of this musical phenomenon.

Produced by Chris Eckman, from American slowcore band Walkabouts, this is the new album of Imamović's project Sevdah Takht. 
Imamović is changing the face of sevdalinka, by removing its most important instrument (the accordion) and adding alien elements (a jazzy electric bass, Africa-influenced percussion, dark sounding violin melodies, and Western indie music atmospheres).
It is indeed one of the most beautiful, important, and better played folk albums of the last few years.

P.S. Damir's grandfather, Zaim, was already one of the biggest names in the history of sevdalinka (he contributed to its popularisation in the postwar period).

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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