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Singer and multi-instrumentalist Vladimír Mišík is one of the most important figures of Czech music. After having left Blue Effect, he joined Flamengo, who were formed in 1966 by guitar and bass player Pavel Fořt

Despite having released some singles before, this is their first and only album. By the time of its sessions, rock music was stricktly forbidden in Czechoslovakia, but Flamengo managed to use a professional studio to record these songs, with the help of Josef Kainar, poet and member of the communist party. 
Kainar was by all means involved in the project, as he wrote seven lyrics out of eight. Four songs were composed by Jan Kubik (who played flute, sax, and clarinet), three by Mišík himself, and two collectively. Fořt arranged most of the album.
Mišík is the main vocalist, except on "Stále dál", which is sung by keyboard player Ivan Khunt.

"Kuře v hodinkách" (lit. "The Chicken in the Wristwatch") was released in limited edition at the time, as its audacious lyrics didn't get approved by the government. It was finally reissued in 1990, after the end of the Soviet regime.

Flamengo disbanded in 1973, but they played some reunion shows in recent years. Many regard their album as the pinnacle of rock music from Czechoslovakia. It is indeed a progressive rock classic.

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