sabato 11 luglio 2015


Lao Che were founded in 1999 by singer and guitarist Hubert "Spięty" Dobaczewski, and took their name from a song of his previous project, the crossover trio Koli.
This is their sixth album, it peaked at no. 3 in Poland and stayed ten weeks in the top 10.
In spite of being in the charts, the music of the album is not commercial at all, and the sales were thus high only because of the Polish market's unique setting, that often favours indie bands.

The songs are a mix of Warsaw folk melodies, cabaret-style declamations, jazz arrangements, electronic rhythms, and indie rock guitars. Lao Che are one of the most unique bands out there, you won't find many other artists producing similar music in the world.

Mariusz Denst – sampler
Hubert Dobaczewski – vocals, guitars
Michał Jastrzębski – drums
Filip Różański – keyboards
Rafał Borycki – bass guitar
Maciek Dzierżanowski – percussion

Produced by Emade.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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