giovedì 11 giugno 2015


Original album title: Звезда

Andrey Lysikov, better known as Dolphin, is one of the most important names of current Russian music.
From its beginnings in the early Nineties, his career is a tortuous path through rock, rap, and electronic arrangements. Before becoming a solo artist, he was the leader of projects like hip hop trio Malchishnik, alternative band Dubovyy Gaay, and experimental rock duo Mishiny Dolphiny.

Anyway, I think that his solo work is the best way to get to know him. "Zvezda" is his fifth album, and it represents the moment when Dolphin discarded rap to fully embrace rock music. 
It's an exciting record, especially thanks to producer Mewark, who provided lots of creative rhythm patterns and atmospheric electronic sounds, and Pavel Dodonov, a versatile, experimental guitar player. Dolphin himself is the author of both lyrics and melodies.

The most popular song is "Vesna", which is regarded as his anthem, but "Sumerki", "Chuzhoy", "Toska", and "Kiberpank" are also powerful examples of this hi-tech music with an epic and melancholic mood.

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