venerdì 13 febbraio 2015


Original band name: Агата Кристи
Original album title: Позорная звезда

Agati Kristi was one of the classic bands of Russian rock music.
They were founded in Yekaterinburg in 1987 by brothers Gleb and Vadim Samoylov, both singers and guitar players, and keyboardist Aleksandr Kozlov.

Their first three albums were a mix of post-punk and occasionally kitsch hard rock guitars, I honestly don't like them that much, but from this one onwards, their sound changed into an interesting electronic rock influenced by the Cure and the Madchester scene
"Pozornaya zvezda" was a huge commercial success, and the romantic anthem "Kak na voyne" is one of the most popular Russian songs of the Nineties.

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  1. Bellissimo disco!
    Una sorta di jangle/madchester in salsa oscura.

    Pezzo migliore: proprio "Pozornaya Zvezda"

  2. Link expired.