domenica 23 novembre 2014


Bielizna are a post-punk band led by singer Jarosław Janiszewski. They were founded in Gdańsk in the mid Eighties and this is their debut album. Even though it wasn't a huge seller at the time, it still managed to place three songs on the Trójka top 20. 
Today it is considered a cult classic and one of the first Polish examples of what English-speaking countries call indie-pop. 

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  1. Often called "polish The Smiths". Not necessarily good comparison, but there are some similarities.
    Bielizna represents Gdańska Scena Alternatywna (Alternative Scene of Gdańsk). Strange rhythmics (kind of serbo-croatian, they say) and very distinct, surreal lyrics of Jarosław Janiszewski are their main characteristics. "Taniec lekkich goryli" - their best effort and for me, truly underrated gem of 80s, as good as "Spokojnie" or "Nowe sytuacje". Some of their later work is also worth checking out (1990 "Wiara, nadzieja..." and 1996 "Pani Jola" albums). "Tag" from 1992 is an especially crazy one (check out "Maria ma mały biust"!), unfortunately not released on CD.