venerdì 31 ottobre 2014


"Reda by Night" is the second album released by Oddział Zamknięty. It contains some wonderful songs ("Horror", "Pokusy""To tylko pech") and the formula is more peculiar than ever, mixing glam and blues, new wave and punk, hard rock and acoustic guitars.

It sold 60.000 copies at the time, marking a strong decline of popularity, if you consider that their debut was the Polish best seller of 1984. The subsequent crisis period lasted many years and the band was never able to regain its magic moment. 

P.S. I've added "Oddział" as a bonus track. It is a cover of Tom Robinson's hit "2-4-6-8 Motorway". Originally recorded in 1984, it made its first appearance on the movie "Miłość z listy przebojów", released one year later.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 224)

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