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Izabela Trojanowska had three hits in Poland between 1980 and 1981: "Tyle samo prawd ile kłamstw", "Wszystko czego dziś chcę", and "Jestem twoim grzechem". The combined sales of these singles exceeded the 380.000 copies mark.

Her debut album collects them all, but for some reason only 50.000 copies were printed at the time. It was a dumb decision by the state label Tonpress, as it could have sold at least ten times more. If you are Polish and you know something about this strange story, please leave a comment.

The music is in the same vein of Trojanowska's second album, which I already posted some months ago, so you know what to expect: post-punk, synth-pop, exotic melodies, and some catchy guitar riffs. Anyway, "Iza" is even more eclectic than "Układy", as it was entirely composed by Romuald Lipko and played by his legendary band Budka Suflera.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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