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DK - "LIRIKA" (1982-83)

Original band name: ДК
Original album title: Лирика

DK is the name of a strange, unique project, led by Muscovite drummer and producer Sergey Zhakirov from 1980 to 1990. 
Zhakirov was an extremely prolific artist, recording and self-releasing through illegal magnetic tapes around 40 albums in his ten years of activity. 
His music was so extreme and his lyrics so uncompromising that the authorities forbade DK to play live. For this reason, most of his albums were sold in very small amounts of copies, and today they are considered lost.

Zhakirov is still detaining the original tapes and in the Nineties he reissued them on CD, even if rarely with their original tracklists. He preferred instead to create anthologies with tracks from a pair of magnetic tapes each time.
Reissued in 1995, "Lirika" contains seventeen compositions originally released on "Uvezu tebya ya v tundru" and "Ikh navry", both recorded around 1982-83, depending on sources.

This is some of the most sharp, controversial and exciting rock music you will ever hear. Helped by singer Evgeny Morozov and by the exceptional guitar player Dmitry Yanshin, Zhakirov fronts a lot of music styles, distorcing them through his low fidelity, sick approach. The general mood kinda reminds me of the Residents, but I prefer DK because their music is more rhythmic and catchy.
From the post-punk and polka mix of "Vot tak vota" to that devastated version of "La cucaracha" titled "Agdam", from the endless guitar solo of "Blednaya lyubov'" to the lo-fi pop anthem "Odekolon", this anthology contains some weird, exciting music.

P.S. If you're a fan of Vincent Price, you surely will appreciate his laugh at the beginning of "Prorekha sheyk"

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. Although I don´t agre with the Residents comparison I think this is a pretty good record and hard to believe that such thing was made in USSR at that time. It´s a lot of fun to listen, thanx.

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    Thanks again.

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