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"Ostateczny krach systemu korporacji" is widely considered the last of the four classic albums released by Kult (the others being "Posłuchaj to do Ciebie", "Spokojnie", and "Tata Kazika"). Their tenth studio effort, it contains sixteen songs and runs for 75 minutes. 

Nearly every style of the Nineties is explored by this encyclopaedia of sounds. 
"Goopya peezda" is a disturbing hybrid of industrial rock and jungle music; "Grzesznik" is a crazy folk-rock tune with hip hop beats, electric organ and brass instruments; "Z archiwum polskiego jazzu" is an acid jazz track with a reckless double bass line; "Poznaj swój raj" is an hardcore punk assault; "Dziewczyna bez zęba na przedzie" mixes an alt-rock verse with a nu metal refrain; "Komu bije dzwon" is an epic folk ballad, one of most touching songs Kazik has ever written. There are some refined ska-pop numbers also, such as the hit singles "Lewy czerwcowy" (most of the people know it as "Panie Waldku") and "Gdy nie ma dzieci".

There are not updated sale figures for this album, but we know it was a success, having sold over 100.000 copies in its first six months of release.

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