venerdì 1 marzo 2013


Original band name: Аквариум 
Original album title: Равноденствие

A turning point in the history of Russian pop music. Released by Melodiya Records in vinyl format, "Ravnodenstvie" ("Equinox") was the first rock album legally accepted by Soviet authorities.

Like every album Akvarium released in the Eighties, it contains some incredible tracks: "Velikiy dvornik" is an evocative, dreamy folk song referred to a spiritual Great Janitor; "Partizany polnoy Luny" is a hymn to freedom slightly reminiscent of British psych-prog singer Kevin Ayers; "Adelaida" is a stunning love ballad with some arcane, gothic folk arrangements.

N.B. I've added "Poezd v ogne" at the end of the tracklist. It is a gracious ballad in the style of Bob Dylan and one of Grebenshikov's most popular songs. It was released in 1988, combined with a video for Russian television. 

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