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"Deti Dekabrya" (transl. "December's Childen", an homage to the Rolling Stones) was not Akvarium's most successful album, but it was surely one of their most important, as it represents a necessary step in the evolution of the band. It is characterized by a surprisingly hi-tech sound, which the band applied to both popular and experimental styles of rock music, demonstrating once again its eclecticism.

The album is stylistically fragmented, but this doesn't affect too much its power, as it contains some of the best Akvarium songs: "Zhazhda" is an industrial march full of metallic sounds and electronic noises, "Sny o chem-to bol'shem" and "Kad Goddo" are two massive ballads with melancholic keyboard sounds, "Tancy na grani vesny" is a new wave minor anthem with some amazing rhythm guitars interplays. On the opposite pole you will find "Derevnya", a celtic fok number with tons of sound effects, and "Deti dekabrya", a sweet acoustic lullaby.

This album marked the departure of Aleksandr Lyapin (who plays guitar only on two tracks), and the return of Sergey Kuryokhin (absent on "Den' Serebra"), whose synthesizers dominate the first half of the tracklist.

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