martedì 18 dicembre 2012


Ekatarina Velika was Milan Mladenović's second band. It was founded in 1982 with the help of keyboardist Margita Stefanović. The original name of the project was Katarina II
After the departure of guitar player Dragomir Mihajlović in 1984, Milan and Margita decided to adopt the new, definitive name.
This is the second album of the band, the first as Ekatarina Velika, and the first of their classics.

"Oči boje meda" is an elaborated, chamaleontic post-punk number (it became a hit in Yugoslavia, launching the band into the pop-rock stardom); "Zaboravi ovaj grad" is another crazy song, with a synthesizer sound similar to that of Japan's Richard Barbieri; "Tatoo" is a powerful rock anthem, marked by a tight rhythm section. After such a sequence, the rest of the album sounds more relaxed, but it is able to offer other fascinating moments ("Ruke", with its liquid keyboard landscapes; "Modro i zeleno", with its prosperous bassline).

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