sabato 9 aprile 2022


2021 has been a fantastic year for Polish music. I hope to worthily represent it through these four albums I picked (Fisz Emade are a longtime love for Soviet Sam, but the other three are all new entries, despite having solid careers behind them).

Błoto - "Kwasy i zasady"
DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)
Born as a spin-off project of Polish jazz ensemble EABS, they soon developed into a full-time band. Entirely recorded live in studio in just one take, this is their third album in two years, and probably their best one.
File under: nu jazz, jazz fusion;
try it if you like: hypnotic beats and nocturnal atmospheres.

Fisz Emade Tworzywo - "Ballady i protesty" (no. 1 on the Polish album chart)
DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)
Probably their most ambitious album (18 tracks, 97 minutes), equally divided among introspection and sociopolitical commentary (Fisz is particularly critical of the current Polish government, and I would say rightly so).
File under: hip hop, downtempoart pop, indietronica;
try it if you like: eclectic albums which are able to encompass a huge variety of styles.

Muchy - "Szaroróżowe" (no. 22 on the Polish album chart)
DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)
First album after a seven years hyatus for the band led by singer and guitar player Michał Wiraszko.
Their alternative pop music is as epic as ever, even thanks to an impressive set of collaborations: Emade (producer), Hey's members Paweł Krawczyk (producer) and Katarzyna Nosowska (vocals: track 2), jazzist Monika Borzykm (vocals: tracks 3, 5, 7, 9), Bela Komoszyńska from Sorry Boys (vocals: track 1), Lady Pank's Jan Borysewicz (lead guitar: track 1), Republika's Zbigniew Krzywański (lead guitar: track 11).
File under: indie rock, jangle pop;
try it if you like: powerful riffs and grooves, ethereal atmospheres.

Sokół - "Nic" (no. 1 on the Polish album chart)
DOWNLOAD (kbps: 231-280)
One of the most important Polish rappers. This album, entirely curated by expert sound engineer Rafał Smoleń, is his masterpiece.
Filder under: hip hop, wave music;
try it if you like the concept of rap music being influenced by synthwave.


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