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I don't think there's much I can say about Siekiera. Their cult is kinda strong even among the Western alternative music listeners.

For those who are totally new to the argument: Siekiera was initially a hardcore-punk project, founded by Tomasz Adamski (vocals/guitars) and Dariusz Malinowski (vocals/bass) in 1983. After some line-up changes, they were joined in 1985 by Paweł Młynarczyk (keyboards) and Zbigniew Musiński (drums), with whom they recorded this debut album.

By the time of "Nowa Alkesandria" their sound had moved from hardcore to the darker borders of post-punk, with loud, dominant bass lines, torrential drum patterns and cold synthesizers layers.

"Już Blisko" and "Tak dużo tak mocno" reached the top-10 on the LP3 songs chart, and the album sold around 50.000 copies (a respectable result, considering its harsh sound). Nonetheless, Siekiera disbanded soon after.

P.S. I've added three bonus tracks. 
"Jest bezpiecznie" and "Misiowie puszyści" formed altogether the band's first single, while "Ja stoję ja tańczę ja walczę" was originally included on the compilation album "Jak punk to punk", along with artists such as Armia, Dezerter, Rejestracja, Process, Abaddon, and TZN Xenna.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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